Irene Cruz


Degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Audiovisual Communication (UCM) and conceptual photography International Master (EFTI). Currently working and living in Berlin.

In her series, Irene Cruz uses the comtemporary photography to explore women in different relationships with the solitude, as desire, reflection or melancholy. Her latest work “Stimmung” is related with her inner search, expressed by landscapes in which the human body is integrated and mixed with other elements of nature.

The body in surreal shapes mimics the structures and contexts in which it is introduced in an intriguing way. Sometimes, the body gets into space and vice versa. The title given by the german word Stimmung, is of paramount importance. Simultaneously means mood, humor, spirit, weather, trends, moral …

The body conveys the atmosphere of the landscape and the landscape reflects the feelings of the shapes. Something undisclosed. Is the place of the mystery wrapped at the start of the night.

Born in Madrid, Spain in 1987.
Lives and works in Berlin.
Graduate in “Advertisement and Public Relations” at Complutense University of Madrid. (UCM) . 2011
Graduate in “Audiovisual Comunication”. (UCM). 2011
International Master at EFTI Photography School, “Conceptual Photography and Artistic Creation“. 2011
Course in “New illuminations, narrative foundations of light” about cinematography lightning. EFTI. 2013
Workshops and seminars with Olaf Martens, Lottie Davies, Chema Madoz, Simon Knorfolk, Alexaner Apóstol, José Latova, Ciuco Gutiérrez, Miguel Oriola, Jesús Micó, Ouka Leele, Santiago B. Olmo, Fernando Marcos, Eduardo Momeñe, Carmen Dalmau, Manuel Rufo, Beatriz Martínez, José Ramón Bas, Eugenio Ampudia, Alejandro Castellote, Jorge Salgado, Rafael Liaño, Óscar Molina, Amaya Hernández, Juan Valbuena, Juan Santa-Cruz, Miguel V Espada, Mikel Bastida, Valentín Sama, Manuel Vilariño, Amador Toril, Luis Malibrán and more.
Vicepresident of the Photographic Association: “Generación EME” – EFTI. (2011- Now). Member of “Flare” (Photographic Collective).
2013 “Stimmung” Plastiké Art Gallery. Madrid.
“En pelotas” EFTI Showroom. Madrid. Curator: Ciuco Gutierrez & Beatriz Martínez.
“Tres, three, tree” – Joint exhibition Irene Cruz, María Trillo y Sofía Roncero. TarazonaFoto festival. Curator: José Latova. Zaragoza.
“Vices and ains the ancien world”. TarazonaFoto
”Inner Tales” . Plastiké Art Gallery. Madrid. España.
Cultural Centre “Casa del Reloj” Madrid.
“Urblaub” –Neuköln-Weserstr Berlinarte. Berlin. Curator Maru Carranza.
Hall of Spanish Royal Photographic Society (Sala de la Real Sociedad fotográfica española). Solomovil. Curator Pepe Frisuelos. Madrid.
“Macht Kunst” KunstHalle by Deutsche Bank. Berlin
“Vices and sins of the ancient world” Museo Arqueológico Regional de la Comunidad de Madrid.
“Tres, three, tree…” Ariza gallery Joint exhibition Irene Cruz, María Trillo & Sofía Roncero. Curator: Rafael Liaño.  22 Marzo – 27 Abril. (Madrid)
“Madrid en la Cámara” CentroCentro Cibeles de Cultura y Ciudadanía. 5Cs. Madrid. Curator: Eduardo Momeñe. Madrid
Ddo Volta. Curator Javy Sánchez. Madrid.
TarazonaFoto 2012. “De tal palo tal astilla”. Curator: José Latova. Zaragoza.
Pecha Kucha 20 x 20. Curator: Juan Santa Cruz. Espacio Unonueve Madrid.
EFTI espacio off. Circuito Photoespaña. Curator: Ciuco Gutiérrez. Madrid.
Ellas detrás del objetivo. At Ddo. Curator: Javy Sánchez. Madrid.
FotoMercè. La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. Barcelona
San Fernando de Cádiz. Plaza de la Iglesia.
Patio de Escuelas. Salamanca.
University of Castilla-La Mancha. Patio del Tesoro. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas. Toledo.
University of Córdoba. Claustro de la facultad de Derecho, CC.EE.
University of Girona. Claustro de la Facultad de Letras.
Finalist in “Vicios y Pecados del mundo antiguo” (Univesrsidad de Alcalá y el Museo Arqueológico Regional (MAR).
Selected Work in Absolut Porfolios Contest.
Finalist in “Digital Camera – Fotomundo”.
Finalist FotoMercè.
Accesit  “Fototalentos 2010“ ( Banco Santander Foundation and Universia) (4 times finalist too).
Finalist in national “Renfe” contest.
Fundation Banco Santander. Madrid.
Casa de América. Madrid.
Pieces in numerous private collections in Spain and Germany.
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