Carlos Albert


(Madrid 1978).

Graduate of the faculty of Fine Arts, Madrid. (U.C.M.) 2001.

In my work the physical mounting of the piece plays an important role, frankly I feel comfortable myself with metal. Nonetheless I believe that materials aside the concept should always be the same: the sculpture from the essential.




Fermin Echuari Gallery, Pamplona

Atlantic Art Centre. La Coruna

Cartel Gallery, Fine Art. Malaga

“Wrought Spaces III” (“Espacios Forjados III”).  BAT Alberto Cornejo Gallery. Madrid.


“Wrought Spaces II” (“Espacios Forjados II”).  BAT Alberto Cornejo Gallery. Madrid.


Atlantic Art Centre. La Coruna

“Encounters”. Cuatro Diecisiete Gallery. Madrid.


“Wrought Spaces” (“Espacios Forjados”). Cuatro Diecisiete Gallery. Madrid.


The Prado. Network of young artists Community of Madrid.

Renaissance Gallery.  Alcalá de Henares. (Madrid).



Plastiké Art Gallery. Madrid

“Carlos Albert and Koyama”. Born Art Gallery. Barcelona.

AAF Battersea. London.

“Young Values of Contemporary Art” Van Dyck Art Gallery. Gijón.


“Sculptural Panorama”. Fernán Gómez Contemporary Art Gallery, Madrid

“Young Values of Contemporary Art” Van Dyck Art Gallery. Gijón.

“AquaGranada Foundation”. Albaizín. Granada.

Atlantic Space. Atlantic Art Centre, Gallery. Vigo.

Art Madrid. BAT Alberto Cornejo Gallery/ Fernán-Gómez Contemporary Art

“Ideas for a Collector” Van Dyck Art Gallery. Gijón.


“Small Formats” Fermín Echauri Gallery. Pamplona.

“Reales Atarazanas” (Royal Shipyards). Valencia.

Luis de Morales Museum. Badajoz.


“Black on White”. Fermín Echauri Gallery. Pamplona.

Art Madrid. Alberto Cornejo Gallery. Madrid.

Pure Art. Atlantic Art Centre Gallery. Vigo.


Fiart Valencia. BAT Gallery. Valencia.

Carmen Carrión Gallery. Santander.


Palexco Exhibition Hall. La Coruña.

Art Madrid. BAT Alberto Cornejo Gallery. Madrid.


“Díaz Caneja Foundation” Museum. Palencia.

Antón Museum. Sculpture Centre Candas. Asturias


Jacinto Higueras Museum. Santisteban del Puerto. (Jaén).

Cuatro Diecisiete Gallery. Madrid


“Caja de Guadalajara” Exhibition Centre. Guadalajara.

Of Art. Spanish Galleries Fair. Palacio de Congresos de Madrid (Convention Centre).


King’s Hospital, Melilla.

“Alfonso XII” Botanical Gardens. (Madrid).

“Around Chirino”, Atlantic Art Centre, La Coruna.

Sports in Fine Art, Conde Duque Cultural Centre. Madrid.

La Vidriera Gallery. Camargo, (Cantabria).

Exhibition Centre, Faculty of Fine Arts Seville.


“Obispo Vellosillo Ayllón” Museum of Contemporary Art (Segovia).

Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers. Luxemburg.

“Palacio Provincial” Deputation of Alicante (Exhibition Hall) Alicante.


Old Museum of Contemporary Art Madrid

“Férreas Voluntades” (Iron Wills). Raquel Ponce Gallery. Madrid.

Guest artist at the Graduation Exhibition, Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London, The London Institute). London.

“Forging in Villa Iris”. Museum of the University of Alicante.


“Forging in Villa Iris”. Marcelino Botín Foundation. Santander.


Grant from the Ministry of Culture of Luxemburg to participate in the European Circle for the propagation of the Arts, Luxemburg 2001

Grant from Madrid Complutense University, Socrates – Erasmus “Camberwell College of Arts”. (The London Institute). 1999-2000 Course.


Seville Endesa Foundation Prize in the LXI National Autumn Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Saint Isabel of Hungary. 2012

First Prize in the I AquaGranada Foundation Competition. Granada 2011.

First Prize in the National Sculpture Competition “City of Melilla” 2008 and 2010.

First Prize in the XII “Manuel Martínez Bragagnolo” Sculpture competition. Majadahonda. Madrid. 2008.

First Prize for sculpture, “Victorio Macho” Award, “City of Palencia Awards”. 2008.

“Cajasol” Award in the  XV Iberian Sculpture Awards. “City of Punta Umbria”. Huelva. 2008.

First Prize for sculpture “City of Atarfe”. Granada. 2007

First Prize from Santander City Council for two monuments of 3 and 4 metres respectively 2006.

First Prize “International Prize for Sculpture” San Fernando Henares. Madrid. 2.005.

First Prize for the design of a sculpture for Malaga Town Council 2005.

First Prize in the International Competition for Sculpture in the Street “Urban Culture” San Fernando. Cádiz 2005.

First Prize in the Inves-Morrazo sculpture competition, with the production of a public sculpture measuring 6 x 6 x 3.5 m. Pontevedra. 2005.

“El Monte Foundation” Award in the XIII Iberian Sculpture Awards “City of Punta Umbria”. Huelva. 2005.

First Prize for Sculpture in the “XVI Miguel González Sandoval Competition for Plastic Arts”. Town Council Lora del Río. Seville. 2003.

First Prize for Sculpture in the “Fernando Quiñones National Competition”. Town Council Cádiz. 2003.

First Prize in the “XXII Villa de Parla Sculpture Competition”. 2002.

First Prize for Sculpture in the “VIII University of Seville National Awards”. 2002.

First Prize “Madrid Faculty of Fine Arts, Plastic Arts Competition”. 2001.


Seville Endesa Foundation Collection. Seville.

AguaGranada Foundation Collection. Aljibe del Rey. Albaicín. Granada.

Caixanova Collection. La Coruna.

Madrid Complutense University.

University of Seville.

FRIDE Foundation.

Contemporary Art Museum, Ayllón. Segovia.

Town Council of Salamanca. “Plaza de la Constitución”. (Monument to the Spanish Constitution. 2.3 x 3.5 x 2 metres).

Town Council of Palencia.

Town Council of Majadahonda. Madrid.

Town Council of Melilla.

Town Council of Madrid. Santa Eugenia Train Station. (Monument in memory of the victims of 11-M, measuring 4 x 2.1 x 1.5 m.)

Town Council of Parla. Madrid. (Three sculptures, one of which measures 14 x 20 x 4 metres).

Town Council of Santander. (Sculpture of 3 metres).

Town Council of San Fernando. Cádiz. (Sculpture of 3.3 x 2 x 1.6 metres).

Town Council of Móstoles. Madrid. (Two sculptures of 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 and 2 x 5.7 x 2 metres).

Town Council of Cangas de Morrazo, Pontevedra. (A sculpture of 6 x 6 x 3.5 metres).

Town Council of Camarma de Esteruelas. Madrid. (2 x 1.3 x 0.6 metres)

Town Council of Soria.

Town Council of Atarfe. Granada.

Town Council of San Fernando de Henares. Madrid.

Town Council of Málaga.

Town Council of Cádiz.

Town Council of Lora del Río. Sevilla.

Town Council of Punta Umbria. Huelva.

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