Exhibiting at the Plastike Art Gallery


To be eligible for the selection send your portfolio or request more information just click here and don´t forget to give us contact data.

Each selected artist will provide at least 10 original works produced in the last two years before its exhibition, the sculptors can reduce this number to 8 units to take into account the higher economic cost when these sculptors are made of stone or melted down in bronze.

The reproductions of each original can in the case of photographers reach up to 10 units to 75 units in the case of recorders and 8 units to the sculptors, in addition to the 4 Author tests (P/A).

The artist will custody in his studio work of art aimed for the exhibition until its sale or termination of the contract of the exhibition, (Attached is a model type of contract).

The author will provide the Plastiké Art Gallery all the information needed about the work of art made; material quality digital photographic professional to proceed with the installation of the exhibition, CV, and biography in Castilian and English and will agree to be interviewed when requested by the Department of Communication.


Permanency of up to one year, in the gallery’s catalogue with at least two weeks as an artist featured on the front page of the Plastiké Art Gallery web.

An exclusive interview will be placed by the Department of Communication with at least two weeks permanency on the front page of Plastiké Art Gallery.

As an added value, Plastiké Art Gallery will publish a front-page interview with an outstanding figure in the world of art (collector, gallery owner, curator, museum director, consecrated artist, etc.).

Press release and e-mail list notice will be sent 2 days prior to the start of exhibition to the media, social networks, gallery’s contacts, and the artist’s contacts provided.

E-mail the contacts on the list of the gallery, the artist, and social networks communicating them the initial and visualization of the exhibition.

The Sales Department will make personalized visits to institutions, corporations, collectors, etc. with the catalogue of artists from the gallery will be done.

Plastiké Art Gallery has advertisements on Google AdWords in Spanish and English.

Mail: portfolio@plastike-artgallery.com

A transport insurance contract is taken out for the artworks sold from the artist’s studio to the buyer’s home address.

Contracting with payment platforms to ensure the completion of the sale with ease from anywhere in the world.

The income from the sale, after deducting Plastiké Art Gallery’s commission, will be deposit in the bank account indicated by the artist within thirty days from the time the buyer is in possession of the artwork and the time has passed, which the Directive on Consumer Rights for Internet purchases allows for the return.

Once the contract for the exhibition terminates, the artist may choose, according to Plastiké Art Gallery, to deposit the artwork that he wants to sell at the “Deposited at Gallery.”