Moises Yagües in Alfara Art Gallery: Spring comes not

Moisés Yagües en la Galería de Arte Alfara Obra3Moisés Yagües en la Galería de Arte Alfara Obra2Moisés Yagües en la Galería de Arte Alfara Obra1Moises Yagües is one of the artists in the Plastiké Art Gallery exhibiting these days Alfara Art Gallery in the city of Oviedo.

We review in these lines the message and meaning of his work and invite live meet March 23 to April 21.

How if it were comic strips, exposing Moises Yagües Moses in the Alfara Art Gallery of Oviedo presents different fragments of the reality in which we are immersed, a complex reality but funny at first glance … However, as we are entering our eyes on the play, we discover a parallel world to that first child vision, through irony to achieve the complexity and seriousness of the idea represented.

In each of his creations can guess a constant and is the spontaneity with which the subject is treated sample and in particular the absence of an artistic.

In contemplating the work of Moises Yagües, our gaze is not directed towards a particular style, but rather, in each of his works, our imagination is a universe peopled with anonymous and knowledge accessible environments, easily digestible. Not so much the technique with which they are embodied, as the support is at the service of an idea, dressed in a costume seemingly innocent feeds our desire to discover more than superficial.

The work presented in the Alfara Art Gallery and present in his catalog Plastiké Art Gallery, and is a leader in contemporary art, with a very personal style, in which the capacity for abstraction of different topics astounded to the beholder.

The artist’s work is the product of a continuous feed of current news, personal feelings and ideas closer to human reality, for physical and mental collage, as previous work, are organizing and taking shape in different media, on any one in particular, as is the role of Moses Yagües favorite support.

This is what we see in the new exhibition of contemporary artist titled this Spring that fails, you can see at the Alfara Art Gallery in Oviedo, from March 27 to April 21, 2013, in which, as a mosaic of today, has arranged different works that speak of patchwork ironically the complexity of our society.

Foremost among others, Living Between, an intervention arranged between two columns, is dangerous to lean to the outside, one of the versions he has done with the same title, in which a character appears, we might think of the drain hole of a city, judging by the represented and hiding his identity by a hand covering his face, probably alluding to the current problems in which the human being is immersed and do not want to be part or all is unclear, with the representation of an anonymous, which we see as a ray of a skull, a complex web of multidirectional arrows caused by the environment in which we live and which seem to confuse humans.

In this same Spaniard Art Gallery in 2007, Moises was granted Yagües Honorable Mention in the First Prize of Graphic Art Alfara room.
Throughout his career, he has exhibited in various national and international art centers, participated in art fairs as important as Stamp or JustMad and in numerous group exhibitions, with great success, that make this painter, draftsman and printmaker one prominent example in contemporary art. Currently part of his work is scattered in several collections of public and private entities.

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