Saray Calcedo exhibition in Ateneo´s Prado Space of Madrid

Deconstruction / Reconstruction, this is the title the next exhibition of the Saray Calcedo artist.

The exhibition will be from 3 to June 30, 2013 from Monday to Friday from 17.00 to 20.00 in Ateneo´s Prado Space of Madrid.

Photography exhibitionWho does not like documented photographically when visiting unfamiliar places? In this case we have a repertoire of images of natural landscapes or landmarks wonderful places but we do have the privilege of enjoying an ephemeral art. We talked about the graffiti. The artist describes his work as a fact with which spontaneous consciously seeks to capture a moment in time.

The walls speak …

With this new Cuban artist exhibition project brings us closer to other parts of the world (Melbourne, Madrid, Fez, Singapur, Malmo…) geographically separated from each other but we find a common denominator is the presence in public places this art often anonymously, in its various variants of text and image and as an example of revitalization of spaces or as an act of vandalism, so it is an art so controversial, but what is clear is the visual appeal that raises in the eyes of him who contemplates it, by the degree of creativity that brings and speed of execution is performed.

But his work does not focus on the anecdotal or purely aesthetic. First, your camera tries to capture specific places where this art is seamlessly integrated with the media on which it is applied and on the other hand, presents Saray photographs seek to express the greatest possible realism at times transporting us to the spaces represented by the printing technique used on metal plates. A good opportunity to see different examples of street art which in some cases is overdue.

Do not miss this artistic journey!

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