Iury Lech video art
When you stop dreaming you wake up dead

We approach a different view of the world of art. We enter the world of video art creation, an artistic medium in which Iury Lech is more than specialist.

Video Art - Iury Lech

He is an artist and what is more a multidisciplinary one. His creativity knows no bounds and MADATAC, the sample of contemporary video art, which he directs is a true model. This is only a part of the Ukrainian Iury Lech’s artistic universe.

The current crisis affects every sector. Is art a good lever to reactivate consciences?

In my opinion, first we need to give back to the term art its original or authentic meaning. Sometimes too many dissonances exist under the name of art, and its area of influence is confused nowadays with that of entertainment. If art means; passing the limits imposed, the forces of repression, the immobility of out-dated values, the flat perception of the universal or the enigmas of the day to day, in order to reflect or project unknown aspects of ourselves and thus, install a vital impulse to face the irrational fear of the unknown and stimulate the flexibility inherent in the created; then it can, perhaps, influence the evolution of the processes of individuation of the person,  doomed ever more to a state of conservation of the banal, in this way throw down shields which, supposedly acting as defence against accepted truths, only prevent them seeing what is in reality happening both inside and outside.

Iury Lech’s art goes a step further. It doesn’t stop in the conventional. For all those who do not, as yet, have it clear, what is a video creation?
Video is the medium, video art, the art of seeing. It is explained by viewing, it is a species of process of transference of the artist’s personal metaphysic to a digital medium.
The video artist, using the camera as paintbrush-magnifying-glass, captures and reveals that which is impossible to represent, and by using as his main material the indecipherable, connects the public with what is to come.

So, video is just another plastic expression?
In spite of the fact that video art reinvents art and has been used for decades, its presence has still not been standardised. For many influential, if archaic, sectors of the world of art, video still does not possess the stamp of legitimacy. In part because it still lacks a theoretical corpus, to structure its various stylistic currents, which does not mean to say that the discipline is inconsistent, at the same time for the general public it continues to be a rarity.

madatac-2012December will see the celebration of the fourth edition of MADATAC. Will an infinity of possibilities again be included in the selection?
The aim of MADATAC is to serve as projection for national and international video artists and audio visual creators, who find themselves immersed in the articulation of innovative proposals directed at stimulating the language of kinetic narrative and who work with the tools of the new digital mediums.
It is an independent contest based on universalist and pedagogic proposals, it is open, and entry is free of charge. It places particular emphasis on innovation, originality, risk and the poetic nature, of the audiovisual projects.

What is the intended aim of MADATAC?
Well, above all to promote the participation of the citizens in the sphere of audio visual art and video art, and to boost the exchange of knowledge between professionals, and to serve as a collective laboratory where artists can present, to the public, critics, judges, collectors, institutions and companies, as well as other artists, their most recent creations. In this way they hope to support and discover both practical and theoretical investigative work in this field, which makes use of the new technological resources, with the intention of constructing universal links between artists and organisations committed to the most transformational audiovisual art.

What are we going to find in this new edition?
In this edition the events organised will include, daily projections of video creations; competitive sections; open sessions with video artists; exhibitions and installations; seminars, conferences and round tables; audio visual performances; workshops; thought forums, video art auctions; prizes for creative excellence, as well as a series of parallel activities loosely related to art and beauty.

Is the selection more international each time?
Exactly, it was from the first edition and every year it brings new participants and followers of the programming and attendance at the selection. The only problem is that of budget.

Changing the subject. Digital mediums are at their peak, it is also a good opportunity for sectors such as art to choose new technologies. What reputation do online art galleries deserve?
I think it is an intelligent and pragmatic idea to make use of the developments and facilities which technology gives us, more so in these times of economic distress.

Is the Internet a fundamental part of the future of art?
For the moment it is the artists’ most powerful tool, both for emerging and well-known artists, to show themselves in front of the world and at the same time to bring the world towards them.
It represents the dream of being able to amplify infinitely the work and show it to the public eye and opinion in a way which was unthinkable a few years ago.
That doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary to systematise and rethink the way that art is promoted on the web, to maximise all of its exhibitive advantages.

Would you encourage young creators to continue fighting for their dream?
Without a clear aim or aspiration life has no meaning, in spite of all the difficulties involved, because when you stop dreaming you wake up dead.


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