Plastiké Art Gallery commitment to the art world


Plastiké Art Gallery opens its virtual doors to the art world and we want to begin by welcoming artists, collectors, museums, media, interior designers, architects, enterprises etc…

All in all art lovers, to all users, who decide to go into our gallery and share our passion for contemporary art.

In Plastiké, we understand the difficulty in which the emerging artists go through in order to present their work of art and we want to give them the opportunity to present their work of art in our virtual gallery; a serious and international gallery that advocates for quality as the main premise and starting point. We believe in a policy of differentiation based on the identification of exhibitions, promotion of artists and offer additional services such as publishing articles related to the artistic sector.

In Plastiké Art Gallery will make a continuous selection of artists and work of arts which enables us to offer new contents, but always betting on quality products and established artists with a solid training education; first hand plastic artists, who share our identity, talent, professionalism, discipline and creativity. The aim is to offer innovative work, but with the technical, conceptual and thematic lines to the modern times and meet the expectations of our customers.

Internet is changing the sales techniques, promotion and marketing in the art field and so we decided to bet on a virtual gallery and the facilities that the new technologies that also contribute to our market. Art ceases to be a luxury available to a few consumers to arrive at every corner of the world through the network.

marcaAgua-370pxWhile, we realize that the main advantage of the traditional gallery is to see the work live, we are convince of the limitations that in many cases customers encounter when entering a gallery, usually empty, ask about the price or show a lack of knowledge on art are some of the factors that influence buyers in not ultimately opting to acquire a work of art. The factors disappear as we move into a virtual gallery, according to the new consumer habits and in favour of a new product, different and provocative, which becomes a unique offering for art lovers. Furthermore, the artist exposes his work of art through Plastiké exclusively in a space that harbours no geographic boundaries and can reach any customer or user regardless of their place of residence.

Since the beginning Plastiké Art Gallery has set internationalization as one of the main goals of the gallery. Our philosophy is generic and global, directing users to us in Spanish, English and Chinese; aware of the emerging Asian market growth and the concern and illusion that our gallery does not have boundaries.

In addition to the sale of artwork through our website, we want to be an element of the art circuit offering free services to our customers and users as well as artists. In can find articles, interviews and news related to the art world. We invite cultural journalists, critics, artists, ultimately any art lover to be an active part in the exhibitions. We also seek cooperation agreements with other galleries of national and international contemporary art for the benefit of all agents that make up the vast art market. The presence via social networking, Facebook and Twitter is also one of our priorities to which we add the premiere of a blog where we will echo of the novices the market developments at a national and international level.

We do not want to end this presentation without thanking Angel Muriel, an artist with a long history in the art world, confidence deposited in our project to showcase his latest work of art with us to inaugurate the gallery.

Plastiké is a project born almost two years ago through the efforts and the desire of two art lovers who have decided to make their passion much more than that. Artists by nature and taken in different ways throughout their lives, now take a step further in the fight for their dream, the promotion of the artistic world, particular support for artists and the art world in general. A small grain of sand, at a circuit like that of art, tries to move mountains.

In Plastiké Art Gallery, we all make up a creative team, active and participatory that you can also be part of.

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