PHotoEspaña 2012
International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts


The XV International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts will be held in Madrid from June 6 to July 22.

74 exhibitions, 315 artists and 45 nationalities are some of the figures PHotoEspaña 2012, which reached its fifteenth edition with a budget reduction of 25%.

Despite the crisis, the annual event for excellence in photography and visual arts, maintains its level of demand and offers an extensive program of exhibitions and activities for all ages. The process of internationalization of art will be the focus of analysis in this edition.

The first week of the Festival will be one of the most popular because it will open most of exhibitions and activities of PHotoEspaña 2012. In addition, 38 galleries, 7 more than in 2011, are part of the Festival Off, which will hold a joint opening of all of them on the night of June 5.

The official section, curated by Gerardo Mosquera, ‘From here, Context and Internationalization,’ propose an exhibition program, which will address the internationalization of art and the connections between local and international spheres. PHE12 shows how different the work of contemporary artists is from an international context, as historical, cultural or social. Globalization, also in the art world, is the continuing emergence of new artistic energy or scenes from anywhere in the world that force the artists to open their minds and put aside the local reductionism. This will be one of the main issues to be analysed throughout the festival


Visual Arts Official Section

Encubierto 2008-2011

Yuki Aoyama

Within this area, we find various thematic group exhibitions that are shown in different venues, in the city. ‘Visual Anxiety‘, in the Hall of Alcalá 31 in Madrid, gathers the work of 14 artists from 9 different countries. These Basile, Chen Chieh-Jen, Lu Nan, Wang Ningde or Lee Yongbaek that reflect through his work on society’s information and the conflicts that globalization brings.

Special mention also deserves the exhibition, “From the Factory to the world. Photography and the community of Warhol” at the Fernán Gómez’s Art Centre that has a hundred photographs that passed throughout the Factory as the acclaimed Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton and Warhol himself.

We continue the journey to the Fine Arts, one of the main venues of the festival. In the Picasso Room is exposed ‘Here we are’ and the Board welcomes Goya ‘The Mexican Suitcase’ to the collection of over 4,500 negatives from the Civil War by Robert Capa, David Seymour and Gerda Taro had not been able to be recovered until 2007. The Hall of Minerva shows the ‘Knights of Bacongo‘ Daniele Tamagni.

The official section is completed with more expositions throughout the city, including hosting of the Slaughterhouse of Madrid, than the Botanical Gardens or Loewe’s Showroom.

Apart from the issue on which another eight projects PHE12 deals with the complete the Official Section. The trade fairs ‘tropical Schizophrenia‘ at Cervantes Institute, or ‘the most beautiful land. Cuba‘ at Casa America is some of the most representative.

OpenPHotoand the Festival Off

The program OpenPHoto is held for the first time in 8 exhibition halls in Madrid that will accommodate samples of foreign embassies and cultural institutes. In addition, the Festival Off is comprised of 38galleries of which 32 involved in opening a holiday on June 5.

Among other novelties of this edition is the premiere of Alcobendas as the new headquarters for viewing portfolios ‘Discovery‘. 70 photographers shown between the 5th and 7th of June will work with experts in photography from the stature of Martín Barnes or Jesús Carrillo.

The PHE12 program is completed with various conferences and round tables over the internationalization of photographs. Educational programs in schools and competitions opened to the public complete the agenda.

Parallel to PHotoEspaña, MADRIDFOTO 2012

As a good complement, to PHotoEspaña, photography lovers can also enjoy MADRIDFOTO. The fourth edition of this international exhibition of contemporary photography lands full of novelty, the first change in the calendar.

MADRIDFOTO is delayed until the first week of June and will be held from the 7th to the 10th of next month. Another new bet is to change the location of MADRIDFOTO and for that, nave 16 of the Slaughterhouse of Madrid is chosen space, thus linking the show with one of the most active centres of the cultural life in Madrid. Yes, the designed space is the responsibility of, once again of the Madrid´s architect, Andrés Jaque.


Carnaval 2004

Supported by ACAX

Museum of contemporary art, Budapest©

Lilla Szász

The objective of MADRIDFOTO is to discover new values in contemporary photography for new private, corporate, and institutional collectors.

The participation of foreign exhibitors is expected to reach a similar figure to that of last year with the presence, among other professionals in the U.S., UK, Germany, or Mexico. Moreover, special emphasis will be in the private collectors abroad with the invitation of a group of active buyers that will visit the fair.

During the event, the ‘Community of Madrid’s 3rd Prize will be awarded to the Young Photographers’, the ‘PHOTO Art Fairs’ 1st Prize’ and the ‘Mónico House’s 1st Prize’ linked to gastronomy photography.

Giulietta Speranza directs the show, which is organized by Art Fairs.

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