Marta Martinez painting exhibition in the Circle Box Gallery, Madrid

Marta Martinez presents a new exhibition at the Circle Box

The painting exhibition entitled Dissociations and Excesses will be presented at Circle Box Gallery in Madrid, Spain, from June 19th to coincide with the Week of Art and Psychoanalysis.

Painting Exhibition - Marta MartínezMarta Martinez paintings revolves around personal thoughts and attitudes towards life analyzed by the Argentina’s artist to capture the humor and the irony, in which the contradiction, the bickering and the double meaning, also are a constant .

Apparently, however, conveys a sense of amusement by the treatment of the characters, the colors or the contexts chosen for each representation, somewhat fantastic that nothing suggests in the background of the work.

The ideas it represents, are determined to some extent by a contagion of his professional experience as a psychoanalyst, what devotes a large part of the day, parallel to his work as a painter. Both professions are not independent. His experience in this therapeutic practice has been the foundation upon which today Marta Martinez presents a very particular vision of art in content and form.

With these words expressed the artist, for Plastiké Art Gallery, the sense of his work:

“… alienanción, passion, loneliness. Pessimism and illusion. Collage with I do, combines glitz and waste, cans and brocades. Dissociations, excesses and ambivalence not hide my roots …”

Marta Martinez’s work is exhibited permanently in the Plastiké Art Gallery, where you can also see works that are part of her painting exhibition project, Dissociations and Excesses.

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