Sergio Ramírez, the unobtrusive graphic artist exhibits at Plastiké

Sergio Ramirez (Madrid 1959) painter and graphic artist, is head of the graphic design unit of Madrid Polytechnic and collaborator in the editorial group Akal.

Alongside he founded, during the period between 1982 and 1987, the ‘Equipo Cartel’, which is dedicated to the creation of original graphic works. His work was reproduced in the media and they appear in the ‘Elenco de Estampas’ edited by the Royal Academy of fine Arts of San Fernando.

Graphic Artist Sergio Ramírez
His work figures in numerous private collections and he has participated in exhibitions in solitary and in collective both nationally and internationally.

“Paintings” is the name chosen for this new exhibition of the latest works produced by the graphic artist, in this case in the online gallery Plastiké Art Gallery.

Sergio Ramirez is an unobtrusive artist, who avoids the media and publicity, and declined being interviewed for the occasion, which we have respected.

He does not like putting titles to his pieces, which he simply numbers as a way of identifying them. “They [titles] condition and limit the meaning of the work, what is important is what the pieces transmit directly, independently of the opinions, motivations and interests of the artist. His language is extremely visual and through this the artist intends, in the pieces shown here, that each spectator receives through their contemplation the idea transmitted to them without being conditioned by any other suggestion.

His work seemingly classic, is modern and full of resources as the writer and art critic Carmen Pallarés says:

Sergio Ramirez paints an island with its sea, its sky and its horizon and alongside this island, this sea and this horizon we enjoy, immediately, everything we know, have dreamed, feel and have ever felt about islands during our whole life […] we perceive that every piece is the greeting and the welcome to an adventure with an unknown ending.
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[…] His technical methods, both in the multiple pieces and in the individual ones, his control of composition, his personal intelligent expressive world and what I see as an endless expanse of recourses, and artistic and human conclusions make this sample an enriching experience.

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