First anniversary of Plastiké

Galería de Arte Plastiké

We are celebrating the first anniversary of Plastiké Art Gallery promoting artists in the international contemporary art scene.

Plastiké began as an online platform showing the work of a selection of established and emerging artists on the international scene. It aims to be a meeting point between artists, dealers, collectors, museums, media, and all persons and entities related with the world of art, including architects, interior designers and art companies who include the art in their activity.

After this year, lived with passion and difficulties of any project that begins, we want to show our appreciation to all those who have stepped in our gallery for sharing with us this passion for contemporary art.

In Plastiké we are aware of the difficulties of the artists to call the attention of the public and so we offer our space to exhibit their work. At the same time, the quality of the pieces exhibited are our starting point and main premise to select the artists, maintaining the character of a serious and international gallery. In this sense, we opt for a policy based on individual exhibitions as appropriate way to promote artists, as well as a series of articles and publications about their work and activities.

During this year we have offered ten exhibitions of our artists in different disciplines such as painting, engraving, sculpture, photography and drawing, with new works for a demanding public. We have had, for example, with artists moving into the field of classic artistic technique as the work of Angel Muriel but also combinations of traditional art with new technologies such as Paco Diaz and his urban landscapes or direct immersion in the digital world with Dario Lanza, as a clear example in this regard. In the field of photography we had the presence of different artists who have brought us the many possibilities that this medium can offer, from photojournalistic work of Norlys Perez to the photomontages of Ernesto Arroyo.

Reinforcing the interest of the gallery and the public, we have carried on several interviews that accompany each exhibition to delve further into the artist’s work. We have also published several articles on current events in the art world as well as interviews with prominent personalities and professionals in the world of art.

As an online art gallery, Plastiké bet from the beginning by the new technologies and digital media as a platform to promote their work. Internet is changing sales techniques, promotion and marketing in the field of art and therefore decided to go from the beginning as a virtual gallery. Thus, our market is expanding and we are able to bring the art we represent to any corner of the world through the net. Likewise, social networks serve to support the communication of all art lovers who are drawn to the work exhibited, and maintain an active presence on the major networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest o Vimeo.

Also our goal to welcome artists, in addition of advertising their work, we also want to promote it by tracking their exhibitions in other galleries, art fairs and cultural spaces as we have been doing for example with the Argentinian artist Marta Martinez, Moises Yagües or Carlos Albert. To carry on this promotion, we used different technical supports. In this sense, we have developed a video of a Carlos Albert interview in his workshop translated into four languages and has been seeing in 78 countries with 7,760 internet times.

With all the work done this year and the experience achieved, we have laid the foundations for a new period in which Pastiké Art Gallery raises new challenges and objectives. Following the recent improvements in the gallery, trying to provide a better experience for our visitors, we considered new developments and especially the incorporation of new and exciting international artists, along with the expansion of our network of contacts that will allow us to get a wider audience worldwide. We hope to offer in 2014 the result of the enthusiasm and effort of our team.

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