VI International Contemporary Photography Prize Pilar Citoler

Jorge Yeregui, winner of the Pilar Citoler Prize.

The June 24th a new book from the collection The eye you see, dedicated to Jorge Yeregui, will be presented in La Fabrica of Madrid.

Jorge YereguiWith the work entitled, The Valley. Municipal Pool Lobres the Santander´s architect and urban planner has been awarded in the sixth edition of this important event with a prize worth 15,000 euros.

The jury was made up of Pilar Citoler, photographers María Bleda and José María Rosa, the director of Norberto Dotor Fucares Gallery, theorist and art critic Alfonso de la Torre and Karen Knorr, winner of last year’s edition.

In the words of the collector Pilar Citoler, Yeregui’s work forms a conceptual exploration of the symbolic value that the nature acquires in the contemporary city.

We could talk about the work of Jorge Yeregui almost like a moving project. His images document the rapid change that are experiencing different natural environments and urban spaces of the Iberian Peninsula due to housing growth and other processes that are happening at a rapid pace and are causing a disturbance of pristine areas, sometimes manifesting urban poor judgment with serious consequences from different points of view. In addition, through Yeregui´s photography, we not only can see the increasing change, but also the degrading caused, among other consequences, by the real state crisis, reflected by unfinished constructions spots dotted around the roads.

The International Contemporary Photography Prize Pilar Citoler is being celebrated since 2006. This is the most important event regarding the value of the prizes in this field. The recognition award to the winning artist is threefold: 15,000 euros, a solo exhibition and the publication of a monograph of his work in the Collection Eye you see.

The presentation of Jorge Yeregui´s book will be on Monday  June 24th at La Fabrica, Alameda Street, 9 (Madrid) to 19:30h.

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