Evolutionary Generation
The contemporary paintings of ChenTe Almodovar

Contemporary Paintings of Chente Almodovar

Chente Almodóvar promotes reflection on issues related to the evolution of the species, treated from a diversity of perspectives.

It passed from the scientific (palaeontology, biogenetic, etc…) to the philosophical and finally staged by the imagery scientific IDE and metaphorical of his contemporary paintings.

It seems to be a constant in his work to establish a synthetic visual language and aesthetic, expressionist, and versatile, giving the viewer debates arduous and complex as ethical relativism in terms of genetic manipulation (nonmedical, or reproductive), there is doubt that this point is no less important for the destiny for humanity to evolve. Even in these times when the economic crisis as a real smokescreen (is a real problem); it is still an opportunity for those who take advantage of our attention diverted.

At the same time recalls the importance of human life, respect for each individual to universal rights for which we must ensure this evolutionary juncture even further, and the desire to continue to evolve along the path of a global ethic, raised from a pragmatic perspective (or pragmatic), as (in fiction) foresee, and submit necessary H.G. Wells. Alvomodar finds the way to express by his contemporary paintings the dilema.

His art and speech walk through an ethical commitment and philosophical, a pragmatic activism, satire at the service of the ethics, understood “as the only pragmatic way to survive” as a species, and direct our phylogeny from the ontogeny, and our individual evolution.

Footprint and land, gesture and sign, Gestalt drawing, neo-expressionist image, trans-avant-garde, postmodern and conceptual, with echoes of Kiefer and Barceló, of Tàpies or Orestes Hernandez, Karl Horst or Vasquez Rocca. He is against genetic manipulation, against dehumanization, against loss of intangible values, against the uncontrolled power of economic speculation, against selfishness and against the lack of global awareness.

This is a critical and satirical speech on the manipulation and alienation of the being (as Heidegger understood it as experience) as experience of the manipulated being.

From the Weak Hermeneutics of Vattimo to the de-dogmatism that comes from the scientific research, since evolutionists such as Haeckel, and Freud, to the projection of the future possibility of science fiction (H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley), and recent discoveries in biogenetic: Science, philosophy, art, humanity, evolution, and progress.

Jose Luis Gutierrez Munoz is a plastic contemporary artist, titled professor and Director of the Department of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

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