Plastike Art Gallery with Siglo 22 Foundation

Learning Norlys Pérez | Galería de Arte PlastikéRecently Plastiké Art Gallery has partnered with Siglo 22 Foundation by donating profits from the sale of the masterpiece entitled, Learning by Norlys Pérez artist, in order to make possible the future projects development.

Plastiké will also participate in the promotion of the Foundation´s activities in order to get a greatest impact in any of the actions and can affect an awareness to achieve an improvement in the life quality of different groups.

The Siglo 22 Foundation starts in 2011 to respond to outstanding quality of the educational system and living conditions of people with disabilities.

It consists of a dynamic and active multidisciplinary team involving professionals in the field of education and social health as well as other sectors. In total there are currently over 20 people that are working in different activities.

The Siglo 22 Foundation’s work focuses on improving social and educational sectors to reach quality learning and bring about change that resides in equal opportunities for all people.

In order to achieve this purpose, from Siglo 22, different actions performed such as:

– The development of innovative projects designed to facilitate the integration of information technology and communications in the education system and various programs related to learning.

– And removing technological barriers that may be an impediment to the daily performance of the disabled.

For Siglo 22 Foundation objectives  are met successfully, the collaboration of different companies is vital and therefore from Plastiké Art Gallery has made ​​a commitment to benefit the entire society.

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