Moises Yagües, Second International Engraving and Wine Award

Moises Yagües received the award from Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco for his work  I, red.

Once again, the Rioja wineries have called the International Prize of Engraving and Wine which involved a total of 81 authors of various nationalities and generations.

Moisés Yagües Premio GrabadoNote the importance of this award for the quality of the proposals submitted and the wealth of techniques used, ranging from collage, etching, drypoint, China collé or woodcut, among many others. Between 107 works presented, 30 of them have been selected. Finally the jury decided to award the second prize of 1,500 euros to Moises Yagües by a particular engraving in which, following his personal aesthetic based on a childlike appearance but with an ironic touch in its meaning, presents a sarcastic and humorous wine themed, as matched in this contest.

The awards ceremony will be June 28, 2013 at Bodegas Rioja. The winning pieces will be published and will directly a part of the collection of works from Dynasty Vivanco Bodegas, consisting of outstanding references in art history.

Apart from this issue, with the remaining works selected will be shown in a temporary exhibition at the Museum of Wine Culture in Briones, accompanied by a program of activities for the public, according with the museum’s goal of bringing the world of wine to the international audience.

But this time, the recipients also developed his own work and the resulting works will be exhibited alongside those of the artists in the award this year.

Yagües Moses’s work is exhibited permanently in Plastiké Art Gallery where you can see a series of prints as a part of one of his projects entitled, Often strange deductions sack.

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