Carlos Albert at the 100 Kubik Art Gallery, Cologne
Drawing in space

New sculpture and collage exhibition of  Carlos Albert

at the 100 Kubik Art Gallery

Entitled Carlos Albert, Zechnem im Raum (Carlos Albert, drawing in space), we can enjoy his first solo Carlos Albert’s exhibition at the 100 Kubik Art Gallery in Cologne,  Germany, with his most recent work , composed of a large number of collages on paper and wrought iron pieces and rusted steel, favourite materials of the artist.Carlos Albert - Plastike Art Gallery - Collage

How drawings in motion … If something can be highlighted about this spanish artist, is his skill and hard materials handling, seemingly impossible to mold and yet get such amazing ways, combining waves with straight lines, which stuns anyone who contemplates. Just look at some of his latest creations in which this feature is evident.

For the overall effect, the softness and elegance of form, make any parts an example of absolute mastery in the treatment of wrought iron. Railways are perfectly calculated masses apparently unstable but harmonious with each other.

Framed in abstract art, but in his work are latent classical values ​​as the composition and drawing, Carlos Albert values ​​that never leaves his side following the traditional idea that is the basis of artistic creation.

Along with the sculptures, in this occasion it is possible to find a number of collages on paper, characterized by the contrast of colours, usually red and black, and the spontaneity of his strokes. In addition, we can guess another hallmark, as is intuition, present also in three-dimensional work.

The exhibition can be seen at the 100Kubik Art Gallery in Cologne from May 3 to June 29, 2013.

We leave a video of the artist in your workspace, subtitled in German.

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