Art online and the internationalization of art, Ivan Cantos interview

The art online and the internationalization of art from the point of view of Ivan Cantos.


We approach the work of Ivan Cantos, the Plastiké’s contemporary painter and sculptor, faithful to its principles. Lover of his own freedom and defender of the vocation above all.

Everyone has some talent even though it is dormant, and must be sought.

What is Ivan Cantos seeking to transmit with this work presented in Plastiké Art Gallery?

In my work what I do is a bit of a double action, first do the sculpture and then I dismantle or transform it somehow. The same thing happens with the painting, first I do a portrait or a base of paint and then I put some element that is strange, but goes with that idea of duality which I want to convey, of ambiguity; the idea of the painting behind the painting or sculpture behind the sculpture.

A constant ambiguity?

The ambiguity is present in the whole exhibition, there are some works which are obvious the dual meaning, that ambiguity between two stools, but there are also some parts which are more unambiguous in that regard. In general, the language that encompasses the entire exhibition refers to this dialectic of ambiguity and duality.

We are at a difficult time for the world of art, is it perhaps because of the lack of internationalization, one of the main shortcomings of the sector?

Everyone has some talent, although not very clear, there is a dormant state. The issue of art is very complicated. In Spain, we have lived in a bubble not only real estate, but also in socioeconomics, social and artistic bubble. We have lost a little sense of reality. Until we thin out that bubble and bring things to their just channel, it is going to take some time. The issue of the Internet is very important in the internationalization of art and as a way to show the art online. The good thing is that it connects you globally with the world. The problem is that the purchase of a painting is not like buying any other object, so you have to create a trust and that is the most difficult for internationalization through digital platforms used by the art online.

ivan-cantos-entrevista2To give passage to an exclusively online gallery is a form of betting on that internationalization you desired?

An online gallery like this, which is securely and focused, is a positive step. Nevertheless, it does not seem an easy road, people are still not used to, and there is some distrust, but if it is true that the power to extend the capacity to reach places from around the world via the Internet is to bet on the future.

As an artist, what is your perception of the relationship between employer-artist?

I have always tried to give more emphasis to my freedom. I understand that it has its problems because, sometimes, get into the organization favours your projection and freedom closures make you more about yourself. I have tried to make the most of myself without being absolutely obsessed, and in some cases, the idea of the career of money, sell … I preferred to sacrifice a bit of that to be freer. It is a personal choice that has its good side in the sense that it purifies your work and has more time for reflection. Obviously it also has its downside in the sense that you do not spend much time on your projection abroad.

Live off the art, a reality or utopia?

It is difficult, for a small minority, not always for artistic reasons, to live very well off the art and then, it is extremely complicated for a majority. Any artist, worth his salt, knows that this is pure vocational. It is an issue that is within the very dynamic of this election. Let yourself get in this life and the property if necessary. You have to fight hard and be very patient.

Bet on the vocation…

If there is no clear vocation and a very clear willpower, the artists will not continue. At some point in life, it takes them into other courses in which you can live with a salary or a more stable job.
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Would you encourage the young people who are beginning to venture into the art circuit?

I would encourage everyone. Everyone has some talent, although not very clear, there is a dormant state. The atmosphere is sometimes mediocrity in that direction, and it seems sad; I have seen people who had talent and just ruined it by external pressures that prevent them from have the time and the necessary ripening to give the very best of them. I encourage everyone, in any area of life, to discover that talent you have and dedicate the time and the effort needed, which I know, it is not always achieved. However, as far as possible, we must give time and effort to the maturation in order to flourish.

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