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This Web site created exclusively by WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL in order to make personal use of the same and offer users who access the various services it houses.

The use and access to the contents in this website implies knowledge and acceptance of these general conditions which are intended to inform users of rights, uses, prohibitions, responsibilities, etc.., governing the time browsing the WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL's website.


These general conditions govern the access, navigation and use of the Web site WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL, at the following address:

Similarly, regulating the responsibilities arising from the use of its contents, text, graphics, drawings, designs, photographs, software, codes, videos, music, databases, images, information and any other creation protected by law and international treaties on intellectual property and the specific conditions governing the different things available to users through its WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL website.


WWW.PLASTIKE-ARTGALLERY.COM is an Internet domain owned by WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL residing at 18 Pez Street, 3rd right, Madrid, Spain, 28004. Entered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Spain. Volume 29691 Page Heading 82 Section 8, Page M-534271 and CIFB86409505, regulates the use of their WEB by this warning notice.

Use of the Web site and Services

Navigation and use of the Web site as well as most of the services contained in it is completely free, complying expressly with and without any reservations, the general, continuously updated under the link "Legal Advice".

Services whose use, utilization or contracting are regulated under their own specific conditions must be accepted by the user, expressly and unconditionally at the time you use, utilize or hire of the same. WORLD ARTISTS

GALLERY, SL has arranged for certain services collecting the users' personal accessing data, continue to apply the general and specific clauses governing the Privacy Act Policy.

Intellectual property

All content of this site, text, graphics, images, design and intellectual property rights that could correspond to such content as well as all trademarks, trade names or other distinguishing feature are the property of WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL or their rightful owners, all rights being reserved to them. Internet users accessing the site can view the contained information.

It prohibits any act of total or partial reproduction of the contents in any form or means,(mechanical, electronic, photocopying or otherwise), and any act of distribution, public communication or distribution, without the prior written permission of WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL or their rightful owners. The user must use the contents and information contained in diligently, correctly and lawfully, and in particular, solely for personal, noncommercial use. Authorization for reproduction can be requested by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In order to preserve possible intellectual property rights in the event that any user or third party considers that a violation of their legitimate rights by the introduction of a particular Web content should duly notify WORLD ARTIST GALLERY, SL, stating:

  • Personal data of the holder of the rights allegedly infringed. If the claim is submitted by someone other than the applicant, the person must indicate on whose behalf he or she acts.
  • Indication of the material protected by the intellectual property rights and its location on the web.
  • Confirmation of the relevant intellectual property rights.
  • Specific statement in which the responsible person for the truthfulness of the information provided in the notification.

The legitimacy of the rights of the intellectual or industrial property for the corresponding contents provided by third parties is the sole responsibility thereof.

According to what is disposed in Articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Copyright of the Intellectual Property Act, remains prohibited the reproduction, distribution, public communication, including any means of making available all or part of the contents of this website for commercial purposes, in any form or by any technical means, without the consent of WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL.

Utilization of IP addresses and cookies

The registration of IP addresses that may occur as a result of using the Web site by Users serves exclusively for WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL's internal purposes, such as the access to statistics on the web portal.

WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL could use cookies during the lending service on the Web, but these cookies do not provide any personal user data, serving only for internal purposes of WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL. In any case, the User has the ability to configure his browser so as to prevent the creation of cookie files or warn that this occurs.

Cookies are automatic procedures for recording information on the preferences of a user while visiting a particular Web page. This information is recorded in small files that are stored in the computers of the user, and each time the user accesses the Web site, these files are automatically activated, with the sole purpose of setting up the Web site with the preferences indicated in previous visits.

It also warns that if the User opts to abandon the use of the Web through links to Web sites outside our organization, WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL is not responsible for the privacy practices of such Web sites or the cookies or purpose of those said portals that can be stored in the User's computer.

Links and Hyperlinks

Users who wish to establish a hyperlink between their website and WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL should take into account the following: The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply, in any case, that the existence of relations between WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL and the owner of the website in which it is established, nor acceptance and approval by WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL of its contents or services. Therefore, it is not to be stated or given to understand that WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL expressly authorized the hyperlink or has supervised or assumed in any way the services offered or made available on the website from which the hyperlink is established.

WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL is not responsible in any way nor guarantees the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of the contents or services that the establishment of the hyperlink offers. The user assumes sole responsibility for the consequences, damages or actions arising out of access to the website of the hyperlink.

The website where the hyperlink is established may not contain any brand name, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL, except those signs that are part of the hyperlink itself.

The website on which the hyperlink is established will not contain any information of an illegal, contrary to morals and generally accepted good practices and public order, nor will it contain any contents that infringe the rights of others.


WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL is not responsible for the following actions:

  • The misuse you may make of the Web site.
  • The continuity of the contents of the Web site.
  • The absence of viruses and / or other harmful components on the Web site or the server that supplies them, both on the display of the contents by users as in downloading them.
  • The contents and services provided by other Web pages which can be accessed from Internet addresses owned by WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL
  • The invulnerability of this Web site nor the software used, distributed or obtained by it.
  • The degree of performance of the content hosted on this website.
  • Damages or prejudices caused to any person, either to oneself or any other, violating the conditions, rules and instructions that WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL sets to the Web site.
  • Damages caused by the vulnerability of the security systems of the website owned by WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL.
  • The malfunction of software or plugins, which may be download from the link provided for that purpose, necessary for the viewing and listening to certain contents hosted on this website.

Duration and modification

These general conditions have the validity of their lasting exhibition. Therefore, WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL advised the users to carefully read them each time they access the Web page.

WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions at any time, in whole or in part. The amendment takes effect from its publication in the website, more specifically, from its insertion in the text "Legal Advice".


WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL may choose to interrupt, suspend or terminate unilaterally the access to the contents of the Web site, regardless of the provisions of these terms and particular conditions that govern the presentation of the different services. Such situations will not alter the validity of the prohibitions of use of the contents shown over these clauses, also, WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL will make the relevant arrangements to the possible extent, warn the users of such circumstances, suspension, interruption or termination of access to contents.

Null and inefficiency

In case of any conflict between the provisions of these general conditions or terms and specific conditions for each specific service, shall prevail in the latter.

In the event that any provision or provisions of these general Terms be deemed null or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any court, tribunal or administrative body competent jurisdiction, such a nullity would not affect the remainder of the general Terms nor the individuals of the various services of the Web site.

Failure to exercise or enforce, by WORLD ARTISTS GALLERY, SL, of any right or provision contained in these general Terms shall not constitute a waiver, unless expressly stated in writing on your part.

Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

The terms and conditions governing WWW.PLASTIKE-ARTGALLERY.COM and all relationships that could be derived are protected by Spanish law.

Any controversy, conflicts that may arise from accessing or utilization of this website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid (Spain).


In case of any conflict between the various translations of all legal conditions from WWW.PLASTIKE-ARTGALLERY.COM, the parties agree that the Spanish version will prevail.

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