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Delivery of works

Plastiké Art Gallery sends their works to more than 200 countries and territories around the world through reputable international courier or freight forwarder specializing in works of art.

If the work you want to purchase does not contain any  information, you can buy that work directly choosing the payment method that suits you. Moreover, if you enter your zip code and does not produce a rejection, it is because there is no downside to deliver your request, where you will be indicated and informed of the shipping cost.

Once your order is placed, the chosen work will be reserved and ready to ship. The work is generally sent without frame. The works will be specifically packaged to avoid damage, complying with the rules of IATA and secured for transport.

The works for its size and sensitivity cannot be shipped in standard packaging, as will be drawn, and this process may take two to three weeks.

We will notify you via email when your purchase is delivered to the carrier, indicating the tracking number or reference and the approximate date of delivery. We encourage you to open and examine the work in the presence of the carrier when you receive the shipment to verify its perfect condition.

On order 

If the work you wish to purchase is indicated with an "i" for information, may be one or more of the following circumstances: 

  • The delivery time of your order exceeds the established normal in 3-4 weeks, not being available at that time, as in the case of sculptures that have to do the casting of the piece.
  • Due to its high economic value exceeding the monetary limit imposed by the bank payment gateway or PayPal and needs to contact Plastiké Art Gallery to show you the account number to which will carry out the transfer.
  • Because of their large dimensions, they require a special transport not carried out by the international couriers and have to notify the price of that special transportation, prior to your purchase and shipment.
  • The insurance enterprise, due to the high economic value of the work, requiring special packaging, be handled by skilled workers and transported by a specialist prestige enterprise in art. However, problems could arise with the insurance enterprises, to estimate these, which the country does not offer sufficient guarantees of safe handling and transport to bring the works of art in a perfect condition to your destination. In such cases, PLASTIKÉ ART GALLERY will seek the best solutions to bring the works to its customers.
  • In the event that the transport enterprise made an unsuccessful delivery attempt, it will leave a delivery notice to the buyer, so that he can contact the shipping enterprise and arrange a new delivery.

Home delivery

In the event, that neither the transport enterprise nor PLASTIKÉ ART GALLERY could contact the buyer to coordinate the delivery of the Work within a maximum of 15 working days from the first delivery attempt. The transport enterprise may proceed for a refund of the Work, the author of the same in the case of an original or PLASTIKÉ ART GALLERY in the case of a reproduction, and the purchaser assumes all costs incurred.

At the time of delivery, the buyer must check the status of the package, indicating on the delivery invoice of any abnormality, he may have detected in it. In addition, if the buyer detects any abnormalities in the Work after opening the package, you are committed to notify, PLASTIKÉ ART GALLERY, through an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject and order number.


In case of any conflict between the various translations of all legal conditions from WWW.PLASTIKE-ARTGALLERY.COM, the parties agree that the Spanish version will prevail.


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