Paco Diaz



(Madrid. Spain 1965)

Paco Díaz translates his passion for architecture to contemporary painting, creating urban landscapes composed of almost photographic visions, made up of photographs of existing landscapes, to which he adds elements belonging to both high and popular culture

They are elements that grow amid an architectural still life and take root and are balanced as they are in a still life with bright, cool, clean colours.

In his vision of contemporary painting, Paco Diaz blurs, in his work, the boundaries between still life painting and urban landscape painting, he creates a composition on different planes of reality and fiction and asks the spectator, with eyes alert, to find the relationship between them. He is a meticulous painter, in his particular vision of contemporary painting, he turns on the one hand to traditional techniques; oil painting on a carefully chosen and prepared canvas, before this he makes use of digital photography and design programs alongside software for retouching photographs, in order to create numerous photomontages until he achieves the desired result. To pass the image to the canvas he relies on copying by hand in graphite and, then, in oil. Since the nineties Paco Diaz has focused professionally on editorial design and on illustration, achieving significant recognition, but without abandoning painting, his true vocation.

C.V. Paco Díaz