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03np12-Instructions to repeat the same silence- Nolys Perez (Plastike)

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Instructions to repeat the same silence

Norlys Pérez

Works belonging to the series "Stop the clocks and other applications."

With this equipment and essentially with the round pieces that resemble patches imposed on willingness constructed a dialogue around the censures that normally apply to important issues repeated again and again on important social issues.

Registration No 03NP12
Year 2011
Materials and techniques Laser printing on Kodak 120 g/m2

DIMENSIONS: 30x45 cm.
Edition: 15 Copies + 1P/A + 1P/E. Complete edition available except for P/E (15 Units)

DIMENSIONS: 50x61 cm.
Edition: 9 Copies + 1P/A. Complete edition available (10Units)

Availability: 3-4 weeks


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