Dario Lanza


Digital Art - Reder artist

(Ferrol, A Coruña. Spain 1975) 

Specially interested in the way digital technology is altering the production of art today, his works research the yet unexplored expressive capabilities of the digital medium, creating a new and suggestive aesthetic.

His images, are an expression of the digital art that, despite of being entirely created by computer, they look very close to our experience, half the way between realism and abstraction.

Darío Lanza uses the digital media to experiment the bending and folding of light, and the emotional effects it provides. In his artworks the idea of silence and eternity is present, the small scale as a metaphor of the massive scale, a quiet apotheosis that confront us to eternity, with references that recall ancient rites of revelation and immensity. The random movements of the light shapes and the subtle creases he achieve invite us to an extended and calm scrutiny.

C.V. Dario Lanza