Photography Exhibition by Saray Calcedo. IMPERMANENCE

Photography exhibition of Saray Calcedo: graffiti art of our cities

From April 5, 2013, visit the photography exhibition of Saray Calcedo in our Art Gallery.

Formed in the field of photography, Saray has worked in the Film Festival in London Discovering Latin America and has participated in the film magazine Little White Lies, famous for its striking design and illustration committed against more textual content.

Today, part of his photographic work is scattered in several private collections in the United States, Britain and Spain.

On this occasion, entitled “Impermanence”, the Cuban artist lets us know different corners of the world in which we can see examples of urban art forms, focusing especially on graffiti art, an ephemeral art characterized by a Saray fleeting moment that collects and documents as it passes through different cities.

As can be understood today, graffiti art can sometimes be interpreted as an act of vandalism or as an example of urban regeneration in some disused spaces. In this photography exhibition will see the two interpretations are already a constant in this art form.

But not capture any trace Saray graffiti. The intention of the artist is to show the perfect marriage between the art and architecture, as we see in each of the works in his catalog and also makes a very pure form using metal plates to support to print your photos.

Saray Calcedo´s photographs show graffiti of cities as diverse as Denmark, Havana, Madrid, Sweden, Bali, London and Miami.

The photo exhibition will be displayed from April 9, 2013 until February 18, 2014.


Download Saray Calcedo catalogue

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