Photography exhibition by Norlys Perez. THE INTERMITTENCES OF RHYTHM

Picture made in Cuba, his reflexes, his people … from the perspective of a Cuban photojournalist

In September 2012 we will enjoy the artist’s Norlys Perez photography exhibition at the Plastiké Gallery online, entitled The Intermittences of Rhythm.

Photojournalist specialty training and career has always been linked to the world of photography, focusing most of his work in his native country.

From the conceptual, the artist lets us know different themes such as social interactions, as evidence presented to us in Connections picture and other as the issue of censorship, pictured Instructions to repeat the same silence, represented from a series of metal plates with rivets placed close a particular piece of machinery alluding to concealment and suppression of certain materials frequently on social media.

Though his work tends to focus on the more conceptual photography, however the human figure has had a major presence throughout his career, leaving testimony of different life events, from childhood in Cuba, in memory of their past experiences and their experiences, to images of older people in which perfectly captures the psychology photographed.

His interest is mainly focused on finding the correspondence of moods reflecting everyday life and situations they have to face people.

The photography exhibition by Cuban artist will be displayed in the Plastiké online Art Gallery from 13 September 2012 until 31 August 2013. Also you will have the opportunity to acquire works by this artist in our catalog on August 10, 2012 until August 10, 2013.


Download exhibition Norlys Perez catalog

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