Engraving Exhibition by Moises Yagues. I OFTEN MAKE STRANGE DEDUCTIONS

Engravings, an ancient discipline with vision of modern art

In February we open the painting exhibition of Moises Yagues prints “I often make strange deductions” in Plastiké Art Gallery online.

Born in a village in Murcia, Moises felt very young an inclination towards the world of drawing and creating. His education has run training for various workshops with other artists who also work in printmaking.

His artistic presence is evident in numerous individual and group exhibitions as well as prestigious as Estampa, ArtMadrid or in which he has participated. The work of this Murcia artist is one more reason to assert the importance of printmaking as an artistic discipline.

A fact to note about the origin of his creations, is his passion for comic and reading, influences are clearly reflected in different artistic projects he has done to date.

I often make strange deductions, appears as small independent stories that blend primarily reflections on social issues and the human condition.

His works are characterized by the anonymity of the characters who play the role of actors in the service of an idea, an idea that apparently innocent disguise fun, graphically documented pieces of pressing environment in which we are immersed.

If anything we should not lose sight of prints in this exhibition are the titles in the work of Moises play a key role in understanding the final message we try to convey.

This particular artist’s creation draw a smile because, surely, we are all reflected in some of its conclusions.

The exhibition of prints can be seen from the February 8, 2012 until August 6, 2013.


Download Moises Yagues catalogue

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