Digital Art by Dario Lanza. VISIONS OF THE INFINITY

Digital Art exhibition by Dario Lanza: experiments with light

From April 20, 2013, visit the digital art exhibition by Dario Lanza in our online art gallery.

Specialist imaging by calculating the lighting and working with 3D modeling, better known in the language of computer science as rendering, this time, Dario Lanza presents the exhibition Visions of the Infinity, consists of a series of works that use digital art to investigate the expressive capacities, yet unexplored, new technologies, creating a new aesthetic and evocative. It uses an unique business tool: the computer, with all the possibilities that this medium offers.

His works seem to recover to some extent, part of the Baroque aesthetic by constant concern expressed by light in each and the continuing search light contrasts. But his work goes beyond gloomy representation. His creations are populated with items that appear to be real, yet everything is invented, the wall, objects, shadows …

Dario tries to investigate the possibilities offered by the new digital art using different resources, mainly studying the folding and bending of light differentiator of his work, simulating this element in a virtual environment.

Together their works transmitted to the eyes of the viewer a slight and gentle movement accompanied by a significant emotional burden. Find intentionally suggest ideas such as loneliness, tranquility and silence. Sensations that together, envelop the viewer in an atmosphere of a certain mysticism.

The digital art exhibition of this Ferrol artist, can be seen in the online Art Gallery Plastiké from April 20 to October 24, 2013.


Download Dario Lanza catalogue

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