Contemporary Photography Exhibition Irene Cruz. STIMMUNG

Exhibition of Contemporary Photography Irene Cruz: Stimmung

From the July 17 will be displayed in the Art Gallery Plastiké the work of this photographer Madrid.

Lover of photography from very young, Irene Cruz has always been directly or indirectly linked to this art as a personal hobby but also as a family tradition. His career in this field begins three years ago and since then she devotes himself thoroughly to photography.

But despite its short history, the artist expresses full security being clear what she wants to express in every project that she undertakes. Her work is not limited only to capture a moment or a particular environment. Irene’s work goes beyond a simple shot. Many of her photographs are the product of previous drawings and sketches in which the artist expresses her ultimate intention. From here she builds her images by a succession of shots to get the desired result.

This time in her project Stimmung, Irene Cruz takes us to a very particular context, in which the atmosphere is perfectly studied and pondered and meets the need of the artist to capture specific and differentiating elements. The special light of sunset, as the transition between day and night, creates a mysterious environment  inviting us to delve into every corner of the image. In the northern European countries is where Irene finds this cold light that gives meaning to her work.

The previous is one of the hallmarks of the spanish artist. At the same time her works lets us to see forest landscapes that surround the nude female human figure giving the scene of a sensual character and a strong sense of what is represented. The human figure is trying to hide from the camera by the omission of a direct look in the eyes of the beholder. The artist interest is mainly focused on the expression of emotions and feelings from a universal perspective.

The photography exhibition Irene Cruz, will be seen in the online Art Gallery Plastiké from July 17 until July 12, 2014. It may also acquire works by this artist in our Gallery Fund.


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