Contemporary photography by Ernesto Arroyo. THE BACK GARDEN

The photograph is imagined realities with the art of typesetting

December 2012 sees the launch of the contemporary photography exhibition by the graphic artist Ernesto Arroyo. The photographs become art, not only because of their own beauty, but also as a result of the photocomposition applied by the artist to create photographs which are unique and limited.

Graphic designer by profession, Ernesto Arroyo presents a peculiar way of doing photography. Far from seeking realism photographic, his works are treated with humor and somewhat reminiscent of the artistic proposals of surrealism-tinged classics.

Unlike other photographers often take pictures directly from the place where they are found, these being the final product, however the Madrid artist takes pictures but in order to make a post in his study composition.

In these we can see the interest in using everyday objects out of context that reordered and interrelated, acquire another natural function spaces generally invented, but in seeking the truth, influenced possibly by the taste of nature documentaries and that builds on digital media with great success.

In each of his photomontages, it feels even having worked then the texture and color of the component parts and in this regard, given the degree of perfection in which he moves, his influences peek grandmaster Malaga Manuel Franquelo, a consecrated figure of hyperrealism.

This artist from Madrid, has participated in several competitions as MadridFoto or the International Biennial of Photography where he earned the Medal and Diploma Gaudí for two of the works presented.

The contemporary photography exhibition can be seen from the December 4, 2012 until December 19, 2013 and is supplemented with other works by the artist that you can find in the section Fund Gallery – Photography. This exhibition is complemented by other works by the artist, which you can find in the art gallery contents in the section of contemporary photography.


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