Contemporary painting exhibition by Sergio Ramirez. PAINTINGS

Visual language and nothing simplistic for these paintings that impact

In October 2012 we opened the Scontemporary painting exhibition by the artist Sergio Ramirez in Plastiké Art Gallery online.

The work of this painter and graphic designer has had a presence in various solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in national and international galleries. Also noteworthy participation in fairs like the Contemporary Art of Castilla and Leon.

Some of his creations have been working material for Ernesto Arroyo, also present at the Art Gallery Plastiké, who has made several original editions about this artist from Madrid, from unusual materials and techniques in graphic editing as, among other, the reliefs oxidations or enlightened.

“Paintings”, as the project is called, contains various works, some of them wrapped in a halo of mystery, invite us to reflect from the staff, from our own vision, devoid of any intention directed. This is the essence of the different creations of this artist from Madrid, where titles contribute little to the gaze of the beholder the work. Why condition the viewer’s eye? or why impose the artist’s vision if the work is enriched with multiple interpretations?

The subject matter is varied, from the geometric, architectural, natural or the memory of classical statuary, as seen in some of the prints as # 75 or # 77.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that uses different formats. Some of these works have the feeling that they are designed to be placed in spaces semicircular apse for his shot at the top.

The painting exhibition will be displayed from 18 October 2012 until 26 October 2013, supplemented in turn with some of his prints that you can find in our gallery Fund.


Download Sergio Ramirez’s catalogue

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