Painting exhibition by ChenTe Almodovar. PHYLOGENETIC SPIRAL

The theory of evolution in key modernist painting

Next exhibition of contemporary painting artist ChenTe Almodovar in the online Plastiké Art Gallery.

Born in a town of Ciudad Real and coming from a family dedicated to the craft and art from an early age has played a very important gap in your life. In part this genetic heritage of art, along with personal concerns in this area have been triggers for a job that, to this day, to observe who will not leave you indifferent.

His career is marked among other things by participating in several individual and collective exhibitions. Currently his work takes place in Madrid.

Titled Phylogenetic Spiral, in this painting exhibition, ChenTe proposes a graphical reading this evolutionary process of living things.

But the artist is not satisfied only with the fact publicize the process, but also includes in his interpretations, another important concept is that of genetic manipulation, according ChenTe “therapeutic but not reproductive purposes.”

In this sense, is a comparison with the manipulation exerted economic powers in society and the individual. We are beings subject to a system imposed on us without choice many times.

His work is also presented as an example of a claim of change, positive change that the artist believes it is possible through art.

The exhibition of paintings by ChenTe Almodóvar will be visible from the July 3, 2012 until next May 13, 2013 and may acquire works with shipping to worldwide via our Fund Gallery from 29 May 2012 to May 12, 2013.


Download exhibition ChenTe Almodovar catalog

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